Automatic I-Beam Assembly

Three ABB 6 axis robots were used for the majority of the assembly process to provide flexibility, increase throughput, assure quality, and reduce labor content.   The combination of these factors will increase profit and allow for potential growth.  

Automatic Wire Marker Sleeve
Processing System

A mechanical system created using the sophistication of electric servos, vision, and robots to be flexible and advanced enough to quickly change over from one product to the next with zero-tooling changeover.

High-Speed Material Handling Made Possible
With Linear Servo Motors

A clever electro-mechanical system using the sophistication of Allen Bradley linear servos and Allen Bradley PLC with motion control to provide inherent flexibility to synchronize the Vactrans to the input and output conveyors.


Semiautomatic Ball Cage Assembly

Understanding that the most successful semiautomatic systems need the correct ratio of automation to labor content, we designed the semiautomatic stations to run while the operator performs other tasks.

Coil Winder 8000KG

Designed to be installed in a pit below the floor, this coil winder has an adjustable iris plate mounted atop it at floor level for the operator to stand on. The inside diameter of the iris plate adjusts to fit the outside diameter of the coil being produced.

Elevating Work Platforms

Elevating work platforms are a valuable tool when working at elevated heights is needed to move personnel off the floor for equipment assembly or service.