Custom Work Platforms for Your Production Line

Elevating work platforms are a valuable tool when working at elevated heights is needed to move personnel off the floor for equipment assembly or service. 

Aladdin’s WS-1900 lift has a work platform that is 45 feet long and 4 feet wide. It also features an extendable crosswalk, additional work platform wings that expand the work platform to 7 feet wide, and a rigidly mounted staircase that adjusts as the platform ascends or descends. The platform is equipped with 120 VAC outlets, pneumatic hose reels, and task lighting mounted under the platform for personnel working beneath it. The platform height adjustment is controlled by two electrically synchronized Nook ballscrew actuators. Air bearings mounted at each end allow two operators to easily move the platform into position.


  • Platform height travel from 54 inches to 19 feet above the floor
  • 48 inch wide non-skid work platform
  • Lifting capacity of 16,000 pounds per platform
  • Platform height adjustment controlled by inverted ball screws
  • Travel speed of 9 feet per minute
  • Electrical supply: 480 or 240 VAC, three phase
  • Permanent guardrails around the outside of the platform
  • Removable guardrail sections on the inside of the platform
  • Anchor points for fall protection equipment
  • Two opposing platforms provide an internal work envelope


  • Extendable crosswalks—used with opposing platforms for all around access
  • 120 VAC utility outlets on platform
  • 120 VAC power cord reels
  • Compressed air hose reels
  • Fans for worker comfort
  • Below-platform task lighting
  • Custom color schemes
  • Custom-sized work platforms

Our Commitment to Providing What You Need

Aladdin is committed to working through the challenges and thinking outside of the box while keeping safety the top priority.

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