High-Speed Material Handling Possible with Allen Bradley Linear Servo Motors

Aladdin Engineering & Manufacturing was challenged with designing and building a system that could transfer individual rows of 24 cans arriving single file at a rate of 800-cans-per-minute to a 100-inch wide oven conveyor.  The primary challenges were to make sure we did not miss a can, drop a can, or have any cans tip over during the transfer process.

Our secondary challenge was to design and provide a flexible mechanical system that could handle a variety of products with ranging heights and diameters.

The engineers at Aladdin Engineering & Manufacturing designed a clever electro-mechanical system that uses the sophistication of Allen Bradley linear servos and an Allen Bradley PLC with motion control to provide inherent flexibility to synchronize the Vactrans’ motions to match the input and output conveyor speed.  Our engineers also incorporated a vacuum rail to pick up the cans with a 50-horsepower blower to generate the required vacuum.


  • 2 Allen Bradley linear servos
  • 1 Blower 50 horsepower
  • 800 cans per minute

Our Commitment to Providing What You Need

Aladdin is committed to working through the challenges and thinking outside of the box while keeping safety the top priority.

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