Aladdin is Committed to Developing Innovative Coil Winding Equipment that Meets Specifications

Designed to be installed in a pit below the floor, this coil winder has an adjustable iris plate mounted atop it at floor level for the operator to stand on. The inside diameter of the iris plate adjusts to fit the outside diameter of the coil being produced.

The machine operator uses a barcode scanner to scan a work order into the machine’s PC. The machine’s PC will access the appropriate process data from a database, and then keep track of the process, guiding the operator through the steps, and automatically stopping rotation when other operations are needed.


  • Maximum coil outside-diameter: 1.8 meters
  • Maximum load capacity: 8,000 kilograms
  • Maximum operating torque: 5,425 nm
  • Winding speed: 0 to 31 rpm
  • Iris plate opening: 1.48 –2.00 meters

Our Commitment to Providing What You Need

Aladdin is committed to working through the challenges and thinking outside of the box while keeping safety the top priority.

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