Discovery PhaseDiscovery Phase

We develop a partnership to learn as much as possible about your product and its entire manufacturing process. A concept gets created, and the acceptance criteria are defined. During our partnership, we listen to what you want and determine the type of equipment needed. Your budget and production requirements are factored to determine the maximum return on your investment. A firm foundation develops from working together, ensuring a successful project.

Concept ApprovalConcept Approval

With the project ordered and the design team selected, the process and concept developed during the discovery phase are brought to life in 3D solid modeling. The assigned project manager will review the envisioned machine or system with you for your approval. The project manager remains the single source of contact throughout the life of the project and sees the project through to completion.

Design and EngineeringDesign and Engineering

Our innovative designers, with expert design knowledge that’s only acquired from years of machine building, are a unique characteristic of Aladdin Engineering and Manufacturing. We design and engineer the approved concept to a completed and detailed design.

Aladdin requires your involvement at each stage of the project. For instance, you will sign off on the final mechanical and electrical designs once a mutual consensus and approved design are achieved.

Fabrication and AssemblyFabrication and Assembly

After the design is approved purchase items are ordered, and the fabrication begins. The assembly begins by selecting an assembly site in our dedicated assembly area. Once located the machine will not be moved until after acceptance of quality standards and run-off conditions.

Aladdin’s experienced machine technicians work to ensure the proper fit and alignment of the sub-assemblies and major assemblies. After the majority of the components are assembled, the wiring and piping begin, which include the electrical cabinet and control system.

Aladdin has the capability to perform all of the machine-building phases under one roof, allowing the required build equipment groups to work together and pay close attention to the various stages of assembly. When building custom turnkey equipment, it is a benefit to you to have all resources and capabilities in-house and available at a moment’s notice. You are encouraged to visit at assembly milestones to witness the progress. Photos and Videos are shared when schedules conflict and geographical issues exist.

Startup and DebugStartup and Debug

The startup of custom equipment is a methodical process. It begins by connecting power to the panel and checking out IO. Our process ensures that the electrical prints match the program, and the machine program and components are thoroughly tested for proper function in all modes of operation. The machine is gradually brought up to the designed operating speeds and product assembly specs. Once the machine is operating at the contracted specifications, you are once again asked to inspect the equipment along with the products being produced. This task is necessary in order to move to the next phase of acceptance run-off.

Acceptance Run OffAcceptance Run-Off

Acceptance criteria are the main focus of this stage. The equipment must meet the contracted criteria before leaving Aladdin Engineering and Manufacturing’s facility. We are happy to demonstrate machine safety, product quality, and cycle rate with production level products. The machine acceptance process begins with a machine walk-through in which the project manager points out key features and functions. As the machine is run through its paces, we demonstrate manual and automatic functions and train users in these functions simultaneously. The customer’s approval of the acceptance criteria confirms that the equipment performs as expected and, once installed, will be ready for production.

Machine InstallationInstallation

Aladdin is uncommon in the industry when it comes to installation because the machine technician and controls engineer who worked on the machine are the people who conduct the installation and power-up. We believe that no one is better at starting up a system and getting it ready for final acceptance than those involved in its build. Production level products must be supplied to demonstrate the contracted machine criteria effectively.

Final AcceptanceFinal Acceptance

Once again, the equipment must have proven safety, product quality, and cycle rate with production-level products. Aladdin builds in time for training customer staff, who have spent time reviewing the manual and automatic operations of each assembly. Aladdin’s training of your assigned project technicians and system operators provides a seamless transfer of ownership and ensures the proper operation of each system.


Technical documentation is provided with each project. Mechanical and electrical prints are combined into one standard machine manual, which contains the following:

  • Paper copies of all custom mechanical assembly, custom tooling drawings, and bills of materials with recommended spare parts.
  • Paper copies of all custom electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic schematics, along with a bill of materials and recommended spare parts.
  • Basic functional descriptions, screen layouts, the sequence of operations, fault messages and recovery, preventive maintenance information, and component literature for supplied purchase components.
  • CD(s) are provided that include appropriate CAD files, Microsoft Excel bills of materials, code files, comment files, and HMI files.