Robotic Integration Used for Flexibility to Change-over Between 150 Product Profiles

This client required a system capable of producing 400 parts per minute while handling 150 different wire sleeve label and card stock products with varying lengths, widths, and colors.  The production process started by printing a customer number on card stock and applying adhesive tape to it.

Next, the wire sleeves were cut to length and placed in the tape-backed windows of the card stock. The mechanical system required great precision to leave space around the sleeve so it would not touch the window edges of the card stock.

The engineers at Aladdin Engineering & Manufacturing created a mechanical system that used the sophistication of electric servos, vision, and robots to be flexible and advanced enough to quickly change over from one product to the next with zero-tooling changeover.  The system incorporated 21 Allen-Bradley servos, 4 vision guided Denso robots, and 7 Cognex cameras.  Our mechanical system provided a significant increase in throughput compared to our client’s existing systems and exceeded expectations because of the flexibility and zero-tooling changeover time.


  • Custom web handling to laminate adhesive film to card stock
  • Automatically feed, inspect, and cut to length heat shrinkable wire marker sleeve material
  • Automatically place sleeves on the adhesive film in the windows of the card stock at 400 PPM
  • 21 Allen Bradley servos
  • 4 Vision-guided Denso robots
  • 7 Cognex cameras
  • 2 Electromagnetic presses
  • Partial operator required to load incoming product stock

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